Friday, January 30, 2009


The (original) plan: I have a fabulous Friday dinner planned, Mallory's Fantastic Salmon Persuasion (my own recipe and my fam's fave), garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans, topped with none other than the affectionately called "apple dessert" which is apples fried in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. I wasn't messing around tonight.

The Temptation: I get the mail this afternoon and Pizza Hut has a special on pan pizza, most likely the tastiest but most regrettable pizza known to man. I will get heartburn, I will feel like my abdomen is even heavier than it already is, the house will stink, there will be boxes to get rid of, and we'll spend an extra $8 on food that we really didn't need when there was a perfectly good dinner ready. looks SO good!


Anonymous said...

Pizza would leave more time to drink coffee while the kids entertain themselves...

kendall said...

Let's do it! Only go out, maybe we can meet you guys for dinner! A dinner there with a 2 year old and 20 month old could be fun and definately interesting!
Although I have NO clue what Brian's plans are for tonight...
Let me know, I'm at work til 3:30.

Anonymous said...

It is Friday....INDULGE!!!
There will be less prep time which means more time with your family.

There will be less clean up which means more time with your family.

There will be mmmmm's and ohhhhhh's which means the family will be happy.

And about the heartburn....well honey, some things are inevitable for pregnant women....just enjoy the food, have a pack of Rolaids softchews (they are remarkable!) in your pocket, and drink ice water all night. It could be worth it.

- fellow preggy, Theresa

Anonymous said...

oh, I forgot to mention that in ordering pizza tonight, it leaves you with an already planned and fantastic meal for tomorrow night!

Mallory said...

We're going out for pizza!!! Yeah for Friday night!!!

I'll be thinking of you tonight, Theresa, when I can't sleep... ;)