Friday, January 16, 2009


The Hesitant Homemaker is turning over a new leaf. Whether this leaf is a result of the nesting instinct or just simply unadulterated inspiration, I have to give myself props for the steps I've taken lately to improve myself and our family life.

First, I have baked muffins in the morning no less than four times in the past week and a half. This is an accomplishment considering I actually baked them not out of a box, but with flour and sugar I actually had to measure. I mashed my own apples and bananas to boot. My last batch were Bran/Apple/Flax/Whole Wheat muffins, which are really like a meal in themselves. They are the perfect breakfast food for me as someone who enjoys carbs and the conviction that I'm feeding my family a step above Fruit Loops.

Secondly, after my banana-muffin extravaganza I ventured to the mysterious world of bread making. In this case, bagels. I spend nearly three hours preparing, kneading, rising, rolling, boiling and punching dough to make bagels. They turned out bland and flat but I haven't given up. I'm addicted to fresh bakery bagels, but not their price, so I'm going to keep rolling and doughing until I get it.

And my last venture during these cold house-ridden days in January is homemade laundry detergent. After some research, reading, and endless stalking on web forums I'm ready to take the dive. I have all the ingredients but one, and after a quick phone call to a local hardware store for a special soap I'll soon be ready. It seems easy, and the cost is incredible. My total detergent expense for close to 120 loads of laundry will be approximately $3.00.

I'll keep you posted.
Who knows, before you know it maybe I won't be eating boxed macaroni or frozen pizza everyday for lunch.
Baby steps...


Sarah said...

Keep us posted on the laundry detergent . . . maybe even sharing the "recipe!"

The mom said...

I just attempted to make bagels last night. Mine also turned out pretty flat, but had good flavor. I think my yeast didn't activate. Good luck with all the new undertakings. I am curious to hear how the laundry detergent turns out. I have been thinking about that, or getting soap nuts to boil down into detergent.

Mallory said...

I'm working all weekend and finished all my laundry, so my plan is to make the detergent on Monday or Tuesday. I have a few recipes but haven't decided which one to do, all I know is that I'm going to go the liquid route since I generally prefer liquid detergent.

I'll let you know!