Saturday, January 17, 2009


I was rummaging through the fridge and cupboards yesterday afternoon trying to find something for lunch. We had plenty to choose from, but being picky and pregnant I ended up with about six different items piled on my plate. I casually sat down at the table and started eating while watching Luke play on the floor.

Noticing me eat, Luke yelled, "No mom!" Disappointed a his disrespect, I calmly explained to him that he could eat too, he just needed to ask using his manners.

Frustrated, Luke clarified, "No mommy, no eating. Mommy forgot to bless food."

Humbled by a two-year old, I put my fork down, told him that yes, we should always bless our food, and then asked him to pray for me.

Another lesson on why we should always practice what we preach.

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Anonymous said...

Claire is not as eloquent as Luke. She reminds us by shouting "PRAY" and bowing her head, i.e. putting her face down in her food.