Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For nearly the past year and half Luke's had skin issues. Luke always has a rash, and I've brought him to the doctor over ten times and have filled countless prescriptions to no avail. It seemed that this last summer it became worse, making me look forward to winter. With winter here it's worse than ever, and I wonder if there is an end in sight.

I feel like I have tried everything. I've changed detergents, I've switched diaper brands, I've stripped him down to no clothes at all. I've bathed him, I've stopped bathing him, I've bathed him without soap, I bathed him with soap and then thoroughly rinsed him afterwards. I've smothered him in every lotion on the market, I've gone to the natural food store and smothered him in almond, olive, and lanolin oil. I've covered his rashes with hydrocortisone, prescription hydrocortisone, and other eczema topical creams such as Elidel.

I'm completely stumped. I feel terrible because I know his eczema is both itchy and painful, and yet it's a chronic condition that he's had to cope with because I can't seem to fix it. And that's just it, a chronic condition. Fortunately, as his doctor points out, at least it's not on his face...yet.

I've got a greasy monster on my hands this morning. After his normal creams caused him to scream out in stinging pain last night because his itchy skin started to break, this morning I resorted to my least favorite and most messy treatment--pure olive oil and pure lanolin cream (which stinks). Now I have a naked and slippery child sliding all over the wood floors and leather couches. If it works this time around I'll keep it up, regardless of the clothes we stain with splotches of oil or the expense of having to raise the thermometer a few degrees higher because of the naked boy parading around the house while it's below zero outside.

If I knew what to do I would do it. Looking at Luke's poor little red tummy, back, arms and legs makes me want to cry. We'll get to the bottom of it, I hope, until then we'll just keep trying.


Catie said...

Hey Mal!

I have a friend whose 2 yr old daughter's eczema is food-allergy related. For her, cow's milk (and related products), wheat, and eggs are the triggers. The special diet is no fun for mom (or the little girl sometimes), but if she avoids her allergens, no eczema. Just a thought... hope there is some relief for you in sight!

Catie Hb

Mallory said...

Thank you, Catie. That's actually something I haven't thought of or looked into. I know having a diet rich in good fats (i.e. olive oil, real butter, etc.) can be beneficial, but I hadn't realized that foods could affect the skin negatively, too. I will have to do some experimenting/research on that. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Mal..try the soap from Kristie. I used it twice and the winter rash I get was gone! Last winter I tried everything and couldn't get rid of it. Paul loves it and he has the driest skin and he used it once and couldn't believe the difference!

Anonymous said...

Brenna's doctor mentioned the dairy to us at one of her appointments when we were talking about her exzema and with hers breaking out again so bad along with some recent tummy problems we are trying no milk/limited dairy for a few days to see if there's any difference. Give it a try and see if you notice any difference.

Sarah said...

Mallory - We had to eliminate cows milk because of rashes and digestion problems. Other foods could be causing it too . . . maybe types of sugar and even food dyes. There are nine main foods that can really be a problem with kids.

Catie said...

Any progress with the skin irritant issue? I hope so!

Love and prayers!

Mallory said...

It's still pretty bad, unfortunately. It's so cold and dry here, too, so that doesn't help. I have a humidifier going just to get some moisture back in the air and I'm still rubbing him down with oil. I've been doing some research though and talking with lots of people, so hopefully there's a solution in sight. Fish oil was recently recommended to me, so I'm looking into that, too. Thanks for te prayers!