Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas is OVER

Just before lunch Luke and I were sitting down doing some reading. Opening a picture book to Noah's Ark, I begin asking Luke questions about the animals.

"Luke," I ask, "tell me what animals you see."

Luke begins, "Two giraffes, two eagles, two rhinos, two elephants, two monkeys."

Then, pointing at Noah, I ask, "And who's this?"

"Santa Claus, Ho Ho Ho."



Anonymous said...

I SWEAR I had NOTHING to do with this! Although, come to think of it, wasn't it you, MALLORY, who put Christmas music on in the car on Tuesday?!

Mallory said...

Yes, I admit, I did request Christmas music, but strictly as a feeble attempt to brighten the spirits of an otherwise cranky young boy! An act of desperation not to be repeated until next November!!!