Saturday, November 22, 2008

Silent Night, Loud Morning

Day: Saturday
Time: 8:00am
Last night:Worked late, exhausted
Wake up call: A noise somewhere between a dying duck and a blow horn attempting a tune I think was silent night.
Culprit: Mark playing a trumpet at Luke's request
Accomplice: Thanks, mom, for giving Luke a trumpet

The question remains, is Luke's grandma spoiling him, or punishing us?


Anonymous said...

At least this means I'm off the hook for "Christmas infiltration". The trumpet is a much worse offense, right?

Anonymous said...

How could I NOT give the boy that wonderful (old & worn out)trumpet and the many other treasures that he wanted to take home with him?

It made him so happy!

Not spoiling. Not punishment.
Just sharing!
Yo' Mama

Mallory said...

Okay, but what am I going to DO with it? Luke asks me to play Christmas songs all day, and then he tries to play and I'm afraid he's going to knock his teeth out!

I will admit I have had fun playing it, Nanny took back Megan's trumpet for community band, so I haven't been able to play in a long time...I'm still pretty good ;)