Monday, November 3, 2008

Right This Minute!

I HATE the smell of carpet cleaner-the kind of cleaner you use when there is a stain on the carpet. Right This Minute I am smelling carpet cleaner, that foul combination of something between vomit and oven cleaner. Worse, the mess I'm cleaning up is not helping my olfactory sense whatsoever.

This morning I took a shower. Is it a crime? Apparently. I put in a movie for Luke so I could clear out my pregnant sinuses with a hot, steamy shower. I get dressed, put my hair in a ponytail, and was feeling pretty accomplished for a Monday morning.

As I walked downstairs I was greeted with a giant turd at my feet. Numerous others were scattered across the family room. As I yelled Luke's name, a diaperless boy peered from behind the couch.

As any sensible mother would do, I immediately grabbed the phone to call my husband and blame him for the mess. Only after that did I clean the child and begin the process of wasting numerous paper towels and wet wipes to lift the remnants from the carpet. I am now one minute away from scrubbing the stains from the carpet and one step closer to eliminating the unmentionable scent gracing our house.

We're wasting no time breaking in our new home.

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