Friday, November 14, 2008

In Spite of...

In spite of the cold weather creeping closer and the hibernation that inevitably happens when forced inside for days at a time due to the snow and frigid temperature, we've kept very busy even though our time outside of the house is dwindling. 

Take this morning for example, Luke comes running to me crying. The bagel got too close to his face and cream cheese blocked his nasal passage. I wiped away the clog, and the cat licked off the rest, which Luke affectionately thought was a kiss. After a good laugh at his expense we returned to the daily grind, which, when during the first few weeks in a new house, is quite extensive. 

We've found much to entertain indoors. For an entire afternoon I got to experience first-hand the helpfulness of a toddler when cleaning kitty-barf from the new carpet, which meant, unfortunately more carpet cleaner. 

Two houseplants now grace our dining room. They're still alive, which is an accomplishment being that my track record with keeping such things alive is less than stellar. It doesn't help when one of the "Look Mom" shout-outs from yesterday was a "Look Mom" accompanied by handfuls of dirt from my rubber plant, already hanging on life by a string. spite of being housebound more with the changing seasons, we have been thoroughly occupied inside. I wonder what bodily function will keep us busy this afternoon? 

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