Monday, November 24, 2008


I've been pretty lucky this pregnancy. No morning sickness, no health concerns, and none of the extreme fatigue I felt during my whole pregnancy with Luke. Overall I've felt great and have only noticed my limitations recently as simple tasks will put me easily out of breath. So, I shouldn't complain when something does become difficult, but spoiled little me is beside herself trying to solve the problem!

The problem is migraines. I've never had them before and have been one of the fortunate few who normally only experience a rare headache from something easily identifiable, in my case, white wine or not drinking enough water. So, during the first few migraines I didn't even know what was going on. It took a reference to my handy-dandy pregnancy owner's manual to see the every symptom was aligned to a pregnancy-induced migraine.

They have all started the same way, black dots, squiggling lines, blurry vision and nausea. Then, the slow throbbing at the temples makes its way down the back of my neck. I take Tylenol, I drink of a cup of coffee, but it's no use. I'm stuck, and for at least 24 hours I'm in a tunnel with no relief and no more options other than waiting for it to pass.

This has happened maybe six times now, with one starting last night at work. The only correlation I've found with all of them is that by the time I get them I'm usually over my threshold for sleep deprivation. I'm not sure yet if fatigue causes them, but it certainly doesn't help.

So, those are my complaints. In comparison, many women have to endure far far worse, but this is my little struggle. I'm hoping they'll get better, and if not, March is really not that far away.

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