Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our New Thing

I hope to not be one of those moms who thinks my kid is smarter than yours. Luke isn't talking yet, can't figure out how to go up and down the stairs without crawling, and has great difficulty following instructions. However, he's awesome at puzzles.

He's not doing a 1500 Neuschwanstein, but he can successfully put together puzzles with pegs, shapes, and letters. He loves it. The last thing Luke loved was balls. Mark and I went crazy and bought him a new ball every week. Our apartment was covered in balls, and Luke would wake up every morning and from every nap pointing and saying "ball." Now, it's puzzles, and and I'm constantly looking for new puzzles at Target and Wal-Mart. Now that Luke has mastered the peg puzzles, I'm moving on to jigsaw. I found these and a couple others on Amazon today for only $2.98. I can't wait for Luke to get started on them. And since we're piled with snow around here, I need a few more activities to get us to spring.

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