Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Open commentary about The Office:

I've been disappointed with the last few episodes of The Office. It seems that since Jan and Michael started dating and Jan was fired from corporate that the humor and shock from The Office is missing. "Funny Ha-Ha" has changed to "Funny Strange" to just-not-funny. Jan is psycho, Michael is miserable, and it's not fun to watch. Just my opinion. Just about everything in the world is more important than this show, but the older episodes brought so much fun to my days that the new episodes have been a big letdown.

I have better things to do, this has just been on my mind. Feel free to disagree, I just had to get it out there.


California Girls said...

i completely agree!! steven and i were just talking about that. i think people loved the office because of how unmeaningful and ridiculous it was. now its getting to deep....and sad. jan IS psycho! she needs to go.

Mallory said...

I'm glad you agree Ashley. I want the old Michael back, I want Jim to make smirks at the camera, and I want Jan gone!

Anonymous said...

So, what do you think about last night's episode?

Mallory said...

I loved it! I thought it was a lot better this time. The old Michael was back, and Jim and Pam were super cute!