Friday, April 25, 2008


Not much to comment on this article. I report, you decide.

My decision: homeschooling looks like a better option everyday.



Mark Severson said...

what does this have to do with home schooling? We went to public school and didn't "conform" to the status quo...

Mallory said...

It doesn't, really, but the article begins and ends with the "Day of Silence" as promoted by a GLBT group in schools. I didn't have a lot to say in regards to the article in general, it is pretty mainstream these days.

Mark, our public schools had nothing of this sort in them...not even close, not anything ever that I can recall. That is changing, and children from elementary school are being brought up in the public school culutre are going to be exposed to elements that we strongly disagree with. Homeschooling sometimes feels like the last option against public schools who buckle against the pressure of the advocacy groups.

After reading the article I felt defeated. Like, no matter how hard and no matter how much energy I put into raising my kids in the way God intended, public schools are going to try to undo everything I've worked so hard for. Thus, my comment about homeschooling. Sometimes with all the junk out there today it seems like the only reasonable way to protect your children.

That's my piece.

Mark Severson said...
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Mark Severson said...

Yes, I agee