Thursday, April 10, 2008


There is a blizzard on the way. It's April, there was just a snowstorm less than a week ago, and now we're preparing for another six inches. The good news is that the wind is blowing and it's promising the snow won't last long. The bad news is that it's April! I'm tired of jackets, sweaters, playing inside all day, and overcast skies. We better have an amazing summer! Assuming that we'll be stranded indoors for the remainder of the week/weekend, I went grocery shopping this morning to get a few essentials.

The local grocery store has been around forever. It's a good size, and you can purchase nearly everything you need. However, I have found that the prices are not comparable to bigger city living. As small towns struggle to keep their individuality alive and to avoid succumbing to franchise, I think it's important to support local businesses. My cart was nowhere near full, and I only purchased items to get us through for a week, nothing fancy or prepackaged. I was really shocked at how much everything came to. Now I'm faced with an option. I can shop at a grocery store five minutes away at spent almost a third more than I'm used to, or I can drive over thirty minutes to a larger community and support their business and get cheaper prices.

I know this isn't in the slightest bit interesting, but it's been on my mind all day. It was SO convenient to have a short little drive, shop in a small store and be home in a half hour. I'm not excited about having to plan my day and nap times around an hour of driving to get to and from the store. It's a big ordeal for me!

With the snow coming I took Luke outside yesterday to play in the mud. His shoes are still soaked. Pictures to come!

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Mark Severson said...

I need to see those pictures!