Tuesday, April 15, 2008

John Sullivan

I was on Fox News Radio today!! I called the John Sullivan show and spoke with him! The topic of the segment was "Catholics in America" and he was citing a survey by Georgetown University that stated demographics for Catholic Americans along with their views in compassion to Church's Teaching.

Luke and I had gone to Target this afternoon. He's getting sick and I was trying to him to nap in the car and The Fray wasn't doing it. I turned on Fox News Radio and listened to John Sullivan talking about the Pope's visit and the phenomenon of American Catholics who purport to be Catholic yet openly disagree with fundamental teachings. He asked for callers and I called in.

This isn't really my thing. I mean, I love debate and discussion, but on a very intimate level. On certain topics (like this one) I feel that I have a lot to contribute, but calling a radio show randomly isn't something I have the guts to do. I didn't think I'd get on, but after driving a few minutes on hold I heard him say "Mallory from Minnesota," and there I was on the air!!!

I said something along the line that Catholics being Catholic in name only are often not in communion with the Church even though they label themselves as Catholics. A survey that finds that the majority of Catholics are pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-death penalty, etc., is very misleading because these are fundamental aspects of Church teaching, and if one isn't compliant with Church teachings then they are not in communion with the Church and ultimately aren't a Catholic beyond the label they give themselves.

He complimented the points I made and then went to commercial. My heart was racing and I just about drove off the road, but I said my piece and felt happy about it. Of the three callers one was a former Catholic born-again Christian, and the other was a Catholic who "loves the Church, and goes to Mass every week" but "doesn't believe" in certain teachings. I was glad to be a voice for Catholics, if only for thirty seconds.

If you don't believe in the Church you claim to be a member, then what do you believe, and then why do you say you are a member of that congregation? Such is the phenomenon of Catholics in America.

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