Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Without question the most difficult thing for me to do everyday is shower and get dressed. It stresses me out, and my whole day revolves around when I can complete this task. There are many terrific mothers who shower in the evening, who can leave the house without showering, or have no problem showering during naptime in the middle of the afternoon. Although I've experimented with all of these options, none of them are for me.

I'm your typical Type-A morning person who, before children, was a slave to my alarm clock and morning routine. However, after two years of motherhood I've far from mastered my former morning organization. This is due largely to the fact that I've been tired, and it takes an incredible amount of discipline to wake up before your child wakes up. Also, it seems that every couple months the Lukester will decide on a new time waking time varying from 5am to 8am.

Slowly but surely I've started to take charge. I write "take charge" because with a boy nearing two years old, the idea of me being in charge is something I must remind myself of daily, or...hourly. So, as awful or rational as it sounds, I've decided that Luke is old enough to stay in his crib until 7am, regardless of what time he actually wakes up. This has allowed me to wake up at 6am, shower, dress, make coffee, and get started on the steel-cut oats, which take about 45-min to cook. It's amazing how something so small can make such an improvement in our day.

Reading the previous paragraph may sound a little selfish, and in some ways it might be. This situation is primarily for my benefit. However, I think that my waking up earlier than the rest of the family in order to organize and help our lives function a little easier might counteract my not being available to Luke at his every beck-and-call. I don't have it all figured out, and as my blog-heading states, I have no idea what I'm doing. But, we're happy, and that's what matters right now.


The mom said...

I don't think you should feel bad about leaving Luke in his crib while you shower. My method is worse... I put Ben in his playpen and let him watch the kid shows on PBS while I shower and eat breakfast. Moms need to take care of themselves so they can take care of the kiddos :)

Mallory said...

Thanks, Heidi. I actually try to plant Luke in front of the TV some mornings to shower. The problem is that it doesn't work and he ends up in there with me anyway. The playpen is a good idea!

Alyssa said...

I think that you are doing a great thing for both you and Luke. Having a regular schedule is helpful in a busy life. I usually hit for afternoon naptime or after the kids are in bed for the night. Lately I've found out it is nice to be up before the kids though. Being ready for the day, before the day really starts to get busy. I hope you are able to keep the routine. :)

Mallory said...

Thanks! I LOVE routine myself and really function well with structure, but I'm learning everything with trial and error, so it's taken a long time (almost two years...) to figure out how to implement a routine as a mom.

With three kids I'm sure you're a pro...feel free to pass along your knowledge!

The poopster said...

Why does showering and getting dressed stress you out?

Mallory said...

Because it is so difficult to accomplish. Unless I am completely alone, I have to manage to shower and get dressed while taking care of a 2-year old, which means doing everything one handed and at lightening speed. Kids aren't patient, and Luke doesn't just play in the corner while I try to brush my teeth and hair. It's just A LOT easier to do without constant distraction.