Monday, July 25, 2011


If we're not listening to music, I'm a big fan of Podcasts. I listen to them while I'm ironing or doing dishes and the kids are occupied enough for me actually pay attention to the topic. There are various podcasts that I listen to, mostly on the lines of family, parenting, and faith.

I like Dave Ramsey, too. Today my two year old was playing with two cars. One car was talking to the other car. The conversation got a little heated when one of the cars yelled at the other,


Erin said...

It's official. You need a "like" button for your blog, or better yet a "love" button!

Claire puts Dave Ramsey on time-out several times a day. He uses the word "stupid" referring to bad money decisions, and that word is a no-no. Rather then not listening anymore, I accept the time-outs. She will mute the computer speakers for a few seconds.

We also listen to talk radio in the car, but we only have one station here that plays any shows (as you know), so we get what we get. Often times in Cub she will turn the channel in her "car" cart radio and yell back to me, "Mommy! I'm listening to Glenn Beck!" I've gotten a few "look at that crazy lady, poor children!" looks from passers-by...

Mallory said...

Glenn Beck? Oh my goodness, that's hilarious!

D.R. does say "stupid" a lot, and "idiot" too. I guess I hadn't really thought of it because the boys don't notice it. The debt free declaration was the first time!

You're such a good mom, pushing the car shopping cart and all. I refuse. It causes too many problems. Between that and Candyland you've got me beat! Good thing Mark is a kid at heart.

Detta said...

Hilarious! Love Dave!