Thursday, July 28, 2011


I may or may not have shared that our family does not have cable, and because of our location, unless we have the crystalest of clear days, we only get one or two that come in. The kids are still little and the days are still long, so Netflix instant streaming is something we're very thankful for.

This summer a mini-series caught our eye on Netflix. The Kennedys was apparently given horrible reviews, but then went on to receive many Emmy nominations. The Kennedys are way before my time, indeed, even before my parents' time, as much of the drama happened when their generation was still very young. Still. the allure exists today, and I have been captivated.

It's obvious that the production of this mini-series is a bit low-budget, and the acting isn't anything to marvel at. However, the history and drama is interesting, especially for those (like me) who didn't live through or quite understand the times.

If you can instant stream through Netflix, watch The Kennedys and let me know what you think! My $0.02 is that Bobby Kennedy is the most fascinating and complex of characters. After watching all six episodes, it was him that I wanted to learn more about more than any other. Oftentimes, after watching an episode, Mark and I would be waiting to Google all of the questions we had about the events portrayed (we're cool like that).


Sarah said...

Ah! We just watched this over 4th of July weekend!! Loved it! And we too were googling right after it. We can be cool (nerds) together ; )

Abby said...

I fear that I just wouldn't be able to get past Katie Holmes. Was she distracting to you? I can't look at her without getting all sidetracked about her ultra extreme husband....
Otherwise, I find the Kennedy family so fascinating. This would be fun to watch!

Mallory said...

Sarah, who was your favorite? Was it Joe, Bobby, Ethel??

Abby: Katie Holmes plays a GORGEOUS Jackie O. Seriously, I want to leave the house wearing white gloves because of her. However, her acting is quite bad. Jackie apparently spoke in a "quiet, whispy" voice, but I can't quite figure out if the accent Katie Holmes is trying to pull off is southern, Boston, or British. Every time she spoke it really bugged me. The other characters were great though, especially Bobby and Joe, Sr.

Sarah said...

I think Bobby was the most fascinating character. And I kept thinking, "Wow, was he really that much more ethical?!" Imagine. I really liked Ethel. And did you notice that they had a ton of kids together? I was very struck by Joe's wife (forget her name now). There are many dimensions to this story. As far as Katie Holmes goes, I think she was a beautiful Jackie. I mean, I kept having to remind myself that I was looking at Katie Holmes and NOT Jackie. But yeah, the accent was bizarre. She tried.

If you come across anymore shows like this please let me know. I love this kind of thing! We should have a girls night . . . across the miles!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys should try and you tube Jackie O's was a wierd voice and a wierd accent...Katie really wasn't that far off (from what I remember)...I was in 5th grade when Pres. Kennedy was assassinated....Like I told Mal this past weekend, I thought Jackie was a strange person...Ethel and Bobby were the ones I liked as a child. I didn't see all the movie, but did see about an hour...just my $.02:)
Mimi S.