Thursday, July 14, 2011


Today during naptime I laid our 3-month old on the bed while I set up the ironing board next to him. My thinking was that he would kick around and play while I ironed and made baby faces at him. I can usually get about ten minutes out of this maneuver before my babies want to be held, or more directly entertained. 

No sooner had I started my podcast and pressed the first shirt had little baby started sucking his thumb. 
 A few minutes later the little guy had sucked himself to sleep. 
 In my five years of babies, never has anything so absolutely magical occurred. Miraculous, Precious, Wonderful beyond description. My 3-month old put himself to sleep. 
I love this boy. 


Erin said...

Pretty amazing, huh? Wait until he's learning to walk and falling all day long. Belle would starting crying and before I could get her, the fingers would be in the mouth working their magic.

I am rapidly approaching the age when I'm afraid I am not going to see them as magic baby soothers as much as "how am I going to get this kid to stop sucking her fingers all day?!" "is this going to last until she's a pre-teen?"

Sarah said...

Our little woman is a thumb/finger/hand/binky sucker too . . . it is magical! Like you we've never experienced such wonders! Makes me want to have more ; )

Detta said...

Ins't it FANTASTIC when they do that?!
My 3rd has never been a thumb sucker but is our first baby who has continuously put HERSELF to sleep. It has been truly miraculous. Such a luxury really. We have only to put her down in her bed with the door cracked and viola(!) she's out in a mater of minutes.
G says (on a weekly basis) to remind him to buy her anything she wants for her wedding because she has been the easiest baby EVER! I guess you could say we've been spoiled.
I hope it becomes a habit for your little one too!

Mallory said...

Ahh...what a difference a HAPPY baby makes. They just make the whole household happy! It's amazing how excited we get that he can burp without yacking up his whole feeding and that he can pass gas without writhing in pain for hours. With every burp and toot we cheer him on! We're just so thankful that he's not hurting all the time and can just enjoy his life--sleep, smile, eat...just wonderful!

Erin, I have no experience (until now!) with kids who thumb-sucked or even took a nuk. I imagine that you'll have to create some kind of incentive when Belle is A LOT older. I'm still trying to get Paul off a bottle...unsuccessfully...

Anonymous said...

yahooooooo!!!! wonderful news!! God knows what we need!! Maria

The mom said...

It must be a third child thing. Gus is so easy compared to the other two. He puts himself to sleep, has taken regular naps since about 4 weeks old, and is perfectly content to just lay on the floor and watch the other two play. I love it :)

The Andersons said...

Mallory, your little guy is getting so big! I even breathed a sigh of relief for you as I remember the days of holding a child all day long until my back ached!
What a sweet photo, a sweet baby.