Sunday, July 17, 2011

In the Field

We went strawberry picking today! 
 It was FUN. It was SO, SO HOT. Literally, it was like being in a steam shower. Literally. Yes, our glasses fogged when we went outside. 
 The boys were old pros at gathering the plentiful berries. In no time we had about 15 quarts.
 Michael slept for a good portion of our picking, although I had to take him out to nurse in the middle of the field. With a french braid and skirt; nursing a baby among the crops, I did feel a bit like Ma Ingalls.
 Luke brought his own special pail (an old Easter basket) to fill. He was quite proud and enjoyed eating them all the way home.
 Squatting extraordinaire! Paul is my right (or in this case, left) hand man. 
 They like to watch me work. 
Mark loves this kind of stuff ;-) ;-) . 
Paul ate more than he picked. The owners encouraged it. I thought it was cute. Notice "Yellow Car." It never leaves his hands. Ever.

Today we're thankful for red-stained fingers, a fun family first, midday thunderstorms, and air conditioning.


Lorrene said...

Yummy! We all went picking last Saturday and this week (once the heat breaks) plan on going for some raspberries and maybe blueberries. I managed to safe enough of the strawberries to make a few quarts of jam, but the kids sure ate their share of them fresh too! Looks like you all had fun!

Mallory said...

I froze three gallons to *hopefully* make some jelly (I've never done it before). The kids did have fun.

Have fun this week with all of the other fruit! I think you'll need to bring a towel for all the humidity!

Sarah said...

Mallory- This is great! I can't believe how different the climate is up there. We had strawberries about 6 weeks ago! Granted, I can totally relate to the humidity problem! Blah!

Erin said...

Oh Luke! Claire took a favorite Easter basket too! and Paul, Belle ate way more then she picked! When we went to pay, I told the lady that Belle was caught red faced for eating before we paid! Trust me, she was the picture of guilt.

Mallory said...

Sarah-the growing season here is LATE and SHORT! It was snowing mid-May! We end up having some nice things, they just all-at-once instead of spread out through the whole spring/summer.

Erin, you're funny. Our kids are like carbons of one another...I think I know exactly what Luke and Paul would be like if they were girls...except maybe Claire is Paul and Belle is Luke ;-) , naturally.

Detta said...

FUN!!! I've never gone strawberry picking for REAL but remember my mother had a strawberry patch in her garden when I was a kid. Nothing beats the taste of fresh picked strawberries! Good luck with the Jelly! YUM!