Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ever heard of a 'Runners High'? Well, I have a "Mother's High."

We welcomed our son Michael at 4am this morning after a peaceful and quick labor at home, as planned, with a midwife.

Our little boy was 7lbs, 12oz and 22 inches long. Quite the size for a baby two weeks early, covered with white vernix, without a single wrinkle on his feet! I think the boy ran out of room!

I'm a little spent, a little wired, a little sore, and a little on top of the world. There isn't a crazy story to share other than my water broke after finishing the "Nativity" decade of the Rosary at 11pm (how fitting). Contractions started an hour later, our midwife arrived an hour after that, and two hours later we were holding our baby in a big, blue, birthing pool.

Our homebirth may have come as a surprise to some of the readers. It's something I decided not to share for many reasons. It was our "plan," but with things like birth that are impossible to plan, I thought it better to play things out as they went and then to share my soapbox later. All I have to say for now is that I'm incredibly grateful that I didn't have to go through transition in a car going 90mph, and that for how quickly my last two deliveries have been, that this one was calm, controlled, and concentrated--all things needed for an intense and fast labor.

I've just carbo-loaded, Nonna is here to put kids down for a nap, and I'm going to try to get my racing brain and swelling heart to rest.

Pictures to come when I'm able to walk up the stairs :-).
Yeah for life! Praise God for these beautiful children we are given to love!!!!


Grace Marie said...

Congratulations! I love the name!!

Anyone that can do a natural delivery is my heroine.

Sarah said...

Mallory - It sounds awesome!! Beautiful! I love that you were praying the Rosary when your water broke. How perfectly fitting . . . sending a few prayers that you can sleep :)

Lorrene said...

Congratulations!!!! Sounds like everything went well and you are off on another adventure as the mother of THREE boys. I am so happy to hear that the home birth went well and congratulate you on the courage to do it. My second labour was fast too. Good luck, get some rest and look forward to seeing some photos of your new addition!

Maria said...

Oh Mal, I'm crying, honest to goodnessly crying in front of my computer! You did it! Girl, I'm so proud of you and so happy to hear that your homebirth was successful. I know what you're talking about when you say "mother's high." That's exactly what I felt when my little homebirth babies made their peaceful appearances. God bless you, Mal, and your good husband, too :)

Elizabeth said...

How wonderful! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mallory! Glad that the home birth went well! Enjoy your rest and little (and adorable, I am sure) Michael!

Anne R

Little stay at home momma said...

yay! Congratulations on your sweet baby Michael. Excited to see pictures. And way to have a home birth!

The Andersons said...

Mallory, Jon and I would like to say "Congrats" to the both of you. We are so excited for you, your family! You are such a beautiful mother.

Fuzzy said...

Congratulations! Wonderful name and I'm sure he is a handsome little boy!

Mallary W. said...

Congratulations, Mallory! Thank you for sharing your news and your joy! So glad to hear that everything went so well -- God bless you all!

Abby said...

Way to go, Mal!! He is so precious!

I certainly can't blame you for doing a homebirth.. especially after your experience in the ED up there! ;) I'm so happy to hear things went so well!

Enjoy your boy trifecta!
Sending love!

Monica F said...

Congratulations Mal! I'm so excited for you and Mark and your beautiful boys! God is so good and I am so happy that your labor was blessed with His peace. I am excited tosee pictures of your new little Michael and to hear your thoughts on homebirthing. What a great mama you are! Rest up, accept all help that is offered and enjoy every snuggly moment with your sweet little baby!
Prayers for you and your family as you settle into your new life as a family of 5. :)
Love, Monica

Anonymous said...

Congrats! How awesome that you were able to have a peaceful birth at home. Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy :)