Monday, April 4, 2011


Full-Term, Baby!!!!!!

Which means that having this baby is the absolute only thing on my mind. Which means that I am useless with anything else other than pondering the imminent arrival of Baby Boy. Which means that if I bring home two pounds of bacon from the store and accidentally put it in the spare bathtub overnight where the Easter toys are hidden that you'll just understand. Which mean that when the Wal-Mart cashier asks me "When are you going to pop," that I just humor him, because why would I cry about that when I can cry about the glass that I dropped on the counter and shattered into the dishwasher full of clean dishes. Perspective, people! 

Just stick with me these next one...two...three weeks...whatever it takes. We're gonna' get there!


Anonymous said...

wanna see the full term baby bump!!

Abby said...

Congratulations on getting your baby to term!

Here's hoping your baby boy arrives
1. Healthy as can be
2. Sooner rather than later
3. In the hospital rather than the car (just teasing.. but I KNOW that you'll get to the hospital even more quickly this time. :))

Sending you tons of love, prayers, and if I had any extra patience I'd send that too. :)

You'll do great, Mal!!!

Mallory said...

Thanks, guys! I got my hair cut last night, so if I can just squeeze in a pedicure I think I can call myself ready to go!

I've never been so excited to give birth. Yikes. I hope that comment doesn't come back to haunt me, but seriously, I'm really *done* this time and ready to meet my little fellow.

I'll have to have Mark take a quick shot of my bump, which is funny, because it's not a bump anymore, it officially takes up over half of my body! My shirts aren't long enough anymore!