Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We're in baby mode here, which means that other than trying to stay on our schedule and function as a family, there's not a whole lot of other objectives. 

A new baby calls for some new iPod music, and one of my accomplishments in the last two weeks was to create a new playlist that we could keep on while I nurse the baby and the big boys color, play, pull off all the couch cushions, etc. I'm happy to share my favorite new song!

Michael is now two weeks old and has been a sweetheart of a baby. He wants to be close all the time, which I'm trying to enjoy as much as I can, but I can't complain, because he has been an easy baby to console. In a few weeks he'll be big enough for his cloth diapers, which I am looking forward to using with him. The title of this post is "Redirect," and that I'm doing. I absolutely LOVE this post by Elizabeth Foss on the subject of cloth diapering. Her thoughts reflect my sentiments perfectly. One of the lines reads "Baby lives here..." and how I love those three words. Yes, a baby lives here, too, and we are so happy for it.


Detta said...


I'm so glad to hear that your new little one is such a good baby. It really makes ALL the difference.

Thank you for sharing the post by E.F. I loved reading it the whole way through and feel exactly the same way. We just LIKE cloth diapering (though I do admit, we had to take a brake when we had 3 in diapers).

Sarah said...

Mallory - Love the song! So good to read updates on how everything is going!

Mallory said...

Yes, B, I "Like" CD's, too (even though I LOVE EF's post). I stopped using CDs at about 15 months w/ Paul. All in about a month he stopped nursing and drinking from a cup (and wetting) heavily. At that same time I was newly pregnant and we were just getting ready to move. I really enjoyed CDing, but life called for different priorities. There is something though about a squishy baby cloth bum :-) . It will be nice.

I don't blame you one bit with three in dipes. We just have to do what we can given our different circumstances!