Monday, December 13, 2010


Our two female Newfies, who have until now renamed nameless, finally have names.

We have one who we've been referring to as "Big Fatty," because she's bigger than the other one. Her name is Big Ginger.

The smaller one is named Barley.

Yes, both are references to alcohol, as was our last dog, Stout. Why? I don't know? It's not a requirement of mine, but a certain husband in the house has a complex about dogs named after alcohol.

Barley (and hops) is what is fermented to make alcohol. Big Ginger is a signature drink at a famous bar called "The Local" in St. Paul.

There you have it!

Big Ginger and Barley.


Theresa said...

oh the possible name combos for pets!!! beer and onions, bacon and eggs, thelma and louis, ..... i like the alcohol reference though....

big fatty is a good one. steve's philosophy when it came to dogs was that you could say anything you want to them in a coo-ish, encouraging, or playful voice and they'll love you for it! he'd given "big fatty" a thumbs up. ;-)

Erin said...

Sorry, but I'm going to stick with Holly and Ivy

PS I can't believe they haven't had names this whole time!

Mallory said...

Yes, the dogs answer to anything, which is why for over two weeks we just yelled "Hey Girls!" or "Big Fatty" out the window. They didn't really need names ;-) . Big Fatty is the smarter, more loyal of the two dogs, which is why we started calling her something first. The name change to Big Ginger hasn't really phased her much ;-) .

For the record, since our last dog was a male named Stout, mark my words that our next male dog will be named Porter. Mark is already scheming.