Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby, it's cold.

It's -22 outside right now. That's the actual temperature, not including the wind chill.

We didn't have a whole heck of a lot planned for today, but our trip to the hardware store has been promptly cancelled. The air is so bitter cold that it's difficult to breathe. I have no intention of changing the kids out of their fleece-footed pajamas, with the exception of them taking a warm bath, only to go back into fleece jammies.

This morning we made apple-cinnamon muffins and left the oven door open long after they were done. The washer and dryer will be in use all day to keep the warm air in the house.

We're homebound. The coffee's on and our Keurig is stocked with hot chocolate.

Anyone wanna' come over for a playdate in the tundra?


KK said...

Mallory, we've been praying for those in the Minnesota Cold...brrrr!! Hopefully you got some of your favorite creamer to help you swallow all the coffee you need to stay warm!!

Erin said...

I wish. :-( Miss you.