Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Day.

Tomorrow is a big day. One that we've waited 20 weeks for.

Yes, that day! The day we find out if we get a little Sally or a Chomper St. Michael (Luke's name choices).

I go into ultrasounds with a mix of excitement and anxiety. An ultrasound is first and foremost diagnostic, not some fun game of searching for a gender. As hard as I try, the stress of the diagnostic aspect of an ultrasound can take over the excitement of finding out if we're having a boy or girl. I should really worry less about things outside of my control!

Now, we have two boys. They are wonderful. For those who don't know ultrasound etiquette, or for those who have dealt with a similar situation, let me just preface a few things.

First of all, even though we already have two boys, we are not "hoping" for a girl. We will not be disappointed if we have 3 boys, nor would be more excited if the third was a girl. So please, once the gender of the third is announced, it is important not to insinuate that we are more or less pleased with the outcome. We are truly indifferent and will be equally happy with a boy or a girl. Nothing peeves me more than people assuming that the gender of our children is of any import to us. Further, that the only function of our third child is simply to "try" for a girl. Ugh.

Nine months of headaches, emotional roller coasters, fifty added pounds and the pain of labor and delivery is worth a lot more than a fifty percent chance on a specific gender. Some people don't understand this, and in all honesty, as hard as I try, I don't understand them. Perhaps it's because I never had it set in my mind that I was going to have one boy and one girl, or two boys and two girls, or whatever combination people today believe they're entitled to.

We will just be happy. Really happy. Nothing would make us happier than knowing that our genuine excitement would be met only with the same enthusiasm.

Happy Thursday!


KK said...

What a beautiful and passionate explaination about how important each child is regardless of their gender!

Gina said...

Let us know! I pray your babe and the pregnancy is healthy! Love you!

Sarah M said...

This is exactly how we feel . . . so good to see someone else is on the same page! Can't wait to hear your news if you're announcing!

Theresa said...

fantastic post! can't wait to hear the news.

Maria said...

Please, please please post as soon as you find out! I'm hoping for a girl. They are so fun :)

Theresa said...

Mal, Thanks so much for blessing our family with anothr child:)