Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh, For Cute!

Luke made me this tower yesterday. Lucky, huh? It spent most of the day on the living room coffee table. At the end of the day when I attempted to put the mega block tower back into its mega block container, I got a harsh protest.

"It doesn't go there, mommy dear," Luke explained, "It belongs on your night stand," where he then proceeded to march and place the tower eloquently at my bedside.

I think it's lovely.


Sarah said...

That is so sweet! Simon keeps telling me that he is going to drive to St. Joe (a nearby town) and by me some new flowers. Ah, little boys are so wonderful and good therapy for their mothers!

Sarah said...

sorry, buy not "by" It's late . . .

Mallory said...

I know, aren't little boys the sweetest? This morning Luke told me I was his favorite mommy in the whole world ;) and then told me he needed a kiss. Ahh, shucks. I keep wondering how long he'll be 'mine' like that, because I just can't imagine him at 14 treating me the same way.

Let's just try to enjoy three a day at at time, right?