Monday, November 23, 2009


Mark and I watched our first Bollywood movie this weekend. We loved it. Now, we're a little obsessed about it. We didn't have Luke watch it (it's subtitled, among other things,) but we showed him this scene. And now we watch this scene over, and over, and over again. Haven't decided yet if downloading the soundtrack was a good idea or not, but still, super fun. Watching this video is worth it if you haven't seen it before.

The context of this clip is different 'tribes' of India coming to give thanks to the emperor for lifting a religious tax. Then, his wife of a different religion returns after an absence, thankful for his care of her people. Paul even dances. The movie, Jodhaa Akbar.


Anonymous said...

Mal, you are TOO funny. Is this the same person who had much fun musing at our love of Bollywood and especially this movie? It is one of my very favorite movies!!! Could it be because he looks so much like....Mark and Jodah a little like...Mal? Mom S.

Mallory said...

You're too kind...pretty flattering to think we look like that beautiful couple!

Yes, yes, you were right after all, and, just like you said we would, we loved it! This is SO SO SO my favorite part. My favorite movies seem to have a lot of singing and dancing in them ;) .

Anonymous said...

Mal! Leah and Dave showed me this movie when I was there, and i returned home and rented it from Netflix for me and Ben to watch. He loved it as well and is going to show it in his class at school...the love scene is soo beautiful don't you think? they got it down need to put nudity or making out in was soo beautiful..and i love the singing...

Mallory said...

I agree with you, Maria. A beautiful film in every regard.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Happy Thanksgiving!