Monday, November 9, 2009


There is a moment, after the kids have been asleep for awhile, when you've forgotten all the troubles of the day. The bag of cat food that spilled all over the kitchen floor, the baby that would not nap properly, and the tantrum over the last fruit roll-up seem like distant memories after the second hour the children have been asleep.

Exhausted from the work of the day, you cannot resist one more peek, one more kiss, one more marvel at the miracle of life. You breathe in the matted hair of a toddler and the warm cheeks of an infant as if, even after a day without them for a moment, you still can't seem to get quite enough.

In that instant, the challenges of the day seem to disappear, and, overcome with love, all that your heart can say is "Thank you, Jesus."


Theresa said...


Anonymous said...

My most favorite thing to do, sneak in for one more kiss! It drives Justin nuts, he thinks I'll wake one up! Sometimes he'll find me laying in bed with Claire scratching her back as she sleeps.

Laura said...

Well said!!!

Laura said...

That is so true, the trying days are hard, but when the day is done and they are asleep and mom has time to relax and breathe the trials and tantrums don't seem so big.