Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quest for the Perfect Diaper Bag

I'm so stinking frustrated with my diaper bag and now the search is on for a perfect diaper bag. The problem is that mine A) It isn't big enough B) There's only one large compartment and I'm a control freak and hate just throwing my stuff into a big mess without any organization, and C) It's ugly.

I bought a designer diaper bag when I was pregnant with Luke and then hardly used it. I tried hard to not get it dirty so I could remedy the buyers-remorse and sell it on Ebay. I used a plethora of bags with Luke and then just started to jam stuff into my over-stuffed purse.

The days of the purse are no more with bigger brood. And since dragging luggage through the grocery store looks awkward, I have to find a bag that works for our needs. Here's the problem, because I always have a child in tow, I need a bag with a long enough strap so it crosses over my shoulders, and most diaper bags are just shoulder bags so the strap and bag are on one side of the body. I have exhausted my resources looking at bag under the sun, and have even considered getting a backpack so both hips are free for two perched children to chill.

I'm actually very close to going the backpack route, my only holdup is that when I'm wearing wedged flip flops, a jean skirt and lip gloss, a Patagonia just doesn't fit the bill. Yes, I realize I'm being ridiculous, but if the look doesn't jive, let's be honest, I won't use it. One intriguing thought I had last night at Best Buy was getting a laptop bag. Some are messenger style, so it crosses over the body, and then it has compartments for organization.

I'm an 'everything but the kitchen sink' kind of a girl and carry my wallet, phone, lip gloss and an extra shirt for myself in the diaper bag (the shirt is for the spit-up, it's necessary now, but might not be in a few months). Then, I carry at least one diaper for Luke :/ , and three for Paul. Since cloth diapers use significantly more space than disposables, three cloth diapers can fill a bag fast. I also have an extra outfit for the baby, hand sanitizer, fruit snacks, nuk, hair binder, cheerios, rosary and a small prayer book.

I need a good bag. Have you found one that works?


Catie said...

Yes! I had the same dilemma when Linus was born. My choice: I love it! The picture doesn't do it justice. It's sporty, sleek, and stylish. It has plenty of pockets and yet doesn't look bulky. It has a place for a sippy cup and a special compartment for keys, wallet, hand sanitizer, etc. I really like it, and it has been, dare I say, the envy of my mom friends :)

If you're looking for more color though, have you considered a Vera Bradley bag? I really considered one of their backpacks: but they have a lot of other cute opyions, too:

Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Nope! I'm in the "stuff it all in my purse" stage. I have a feeling this stage will only last approximately another nine weeks, so please find something good by then, and get two. ;-)


Laura said...

Ok, I have found one that I LOVE!! It's a JJ COLE bag, it's brown and lime green. I think it's cute and it's really functional. I wish I could remember the name of it, cause they have a few. I think it was $60. Ok, here is the link to it....

I Really like this bag and by the reviews it looks like a lot of others do to :)
Maybe that'll help.

Mallory said...

You guys are awesome. I love the bags you've posted. I'm going to be doing some shopping...

Laura, I see that you're a six-packer, too ;). Gotta love the swoon ;) ,

Fuzzy said...

I have the same problems! You know, I tried the free one from the hospital, but it drove me crazy not able to divide it all. The Vera Bradley bags are soo cool because they have all kinds of pockets for those small things. I am on the hunt for a new one, and I saw this one which has 2 sizes, and I thought there was a diaper bag as well, but I am not seeing it right now.

Have yout tried to pack cloth diapers in a ziploc bag, and sit on them to take the air out to make it flatter?

Mallory said...

Colleen (per email) gave me a website that has a SUPER cute diaper bag, but alas, it has no shoulder strap. It's so stinkin cute that if I could find its equivalent with a long strap I'd snatch it up in a second.

Abriana Chilelli said...

Have you tried There are tons of diaper bags! A lot of the time, the sellers will do custom orders (like longer straps, more compartments, etc) for the same price advertised!