Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate Make Me Irate

Let me start by saying that I don't watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. I watched a few episodes last year when it seemed like everyone was talking about it. After watching it I couldn't see the appeal and never watched it again. The last two weeks' episode have gathered a record number of viewers, and I'm proud to say that I'm not one of them.

I can't pinpoint exactly why Jon & Kate didn't appeal to me, but I have a good idea. Television in general has become increasingly dull to me, and I find that very little, if anything, will hold my attention before I start thinking that I could be doing a lot better things with my time. It comes down to this: I can't learn a thing from watching Jon & Kate, unless you count learning what I shouldn't do as a parent. Watching Kate scream at her kids and belittle her husband isn't going to make me a better person, and it doesn't teach me skills to be a more patient mother or disciplinarian. Observing a family doing more vacations and activities than any family I've ever seen, simply for a camera to record how insane corralling eight small children in crowded places doesn't teach me anything about family life or inspire me in any way. Do you ever see the Gosselin family just being a family...just 'being'? Apparently just being a family doesn't make good television in the same way trips to the Crayola factory and a marriage in turmoil do.

Oddly enough, I found out about the split last night while watching Anderson Cooper on CNN. So, Jon and Kate aren't just reality stars anymore, they're headline news, and 9 million viewers are standing by watching a family self-destruct. When I heard that Monday's episode would reveal a big announcement, I honestly thought that in the midst of a family crisis that they would turn the cameras off, stop the show, and make their family (children!) a priority, while dealing with their obvious marital problems.

However, I must be living in a dream world.

In my world, good parents make sacrifices for their children, even if it means giving up a comfortable lifestyle they've grown accustomed to. In my world, even though it isn't perfect and people have problems and disputes, they seem to still put others and their children ahead of themselves. In my world, I cannot think of a decent mother or father I know who would choose fame over their children.

In my world, I would give it all up if it meant that there might be a chance to keep my family intact.

Jon and Kate, I'm irate. Grow up. You have eight little children waiting for you to.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, CNN. We had a very busy weekend and on Sunday afternoon Justin went to a Twins game afterward we went out to dinner with his grandma. Our table was directly under a TV. Like I said, I had been pretty much out of the loop all weekend, so I noticed it was tuned to CNN and kept glancing up throughout our dinner to check the headlines scrolling away to see what news stories I had missed in the last 48 hours. They were talking about Lindsey Lohan and her troubles. That is ALL that was on EVERY time I looked at the screen.

Sarah said...


Monica said...

Well said Mallory! Your analysis is right on. I am in shock at the selfishness involved in the whole situation. We have to remember to pray for those innocent children!

Mallory said...

Thanks, ladies. I'm getting frustrated though, because while this is all over the news, the only one outraged about it is O'Reilly, who says the kids are clearly being exploited. All the other networks just talk about positive studies of children with divorced parents, etc., which isn't the point or what people are so upset about.

There isn't much I can do about it, just pray and try to the best I can for my own family. Hmmm.