Monday, December 29, 2008

Love is unconditional when...

...daddy spends three days, countless hours, and swears under his breath at the 200 pieces of fake wood attempting to assemble a play kitchen for Christmas.

This was no easy task, and I don't think he'd ever agree to do it again, but alas, it's done.

Mark's reward, hearing Luke say over and over all day long without any such prompting, "Thank you, daddy. You fix my kitchen."

Pictures to come.


The mom said...

Ben got a play kitchen too, and absolutely loves it! His daddy however, is not a fan of the over a hundred pieces of play food,and dishes that end up all over the living room. We are still trying to think of a solution for that :)

Anonymous said...

Great! Now that both of the kids have their new kitchens all set up we will have to take turns having play dates to try each one out! I'm afraid the kids will have to play together from inside their own plastic bubbles so as not to re-infect each other!

Anonymous said...

Not to rub it in, but ours was done in three hours!
I left the house and said I'd return in four hours, that way I didn't have to hear all the cussing that probably went on. It was definately worth it though - it keeps Brenna very busy!