Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Women's Vote

I'm thrilled about McCain's pick, Sarah Palin, for Vice President. The more I hear about this women, the more I like her. I can envision a member of the Executive, the first in my lifetime, being a true role model.

When Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House, I was very inspired. While I disagree with Nancy Pelosi on close to everything of importance, and find her contradictions between Catholicism and values quite appalling, the road she took to get to where she is now is admirable. A mother of five, she stayed at home with her children until her youngest was nineteen. Only then did she venture into politics. I love the dedication to her family and children and the successful results it yielded in her political career.

Sarah Palin is another one of those stories, although because of her dedication to life and ethics issues, I can truly count her as someone to look up to. A mother and a leader, she first became involved in her local PTA. She then was elected mayor, proved effective, and slowly proved herself in state committees and became Governor. Now she's McCain's pick for Vice President.
Her story gives me hope after assuming that to be a nominee it was necessary to go to Yale or Harvard, be born into "old money," and be a part of high society.

A future President might be lurking out there right now, organizing play dates, or raising money for schools. In the "Land of Opportunity," we grow up being told anything is possible. In this situation I believe that phrase.

This Veep is my Peep ;)


Your Husband said...

These are the type of women that have long been the bedrock of our society and rich culture. In fact, in one of my Law School classes, Community Based Advocacy, my "group" and I were trying to come up with ways to maximize the presence and participation of women like Palin.

So, it's great that women will finally have a representative that is one of them and someone they can be proud of. Palin is living a life of service, she's clearly not in politics for power. I couldn't be more pleased with this selection.

I was likely not going to vote for McCain, but this shows me that my skepticism was thankfully inaccurate.

P.S. - I could easily see the writer of this blog in community leadership roles ...

Erin said...

I think I want a "This Veep is my Peep" sign for my front yard! Love it.

Mallory said...

I should market that! Whatever happened to our "Team Elisabeth: I like facts" onsie idea? We should totally go into business!