Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Organized

This is the first fall in...gulp...19 years for me, and 21 years for Mark that the fall doesn't bring a new school year. No more shopping for No. 2 pencils, cool folders, and new school clothes. The fall does, however, bring a new job for Mark. In place of school shopping we've been spending our last days of summer wrapping up loose ends, making phone calls, taking trips to the dentist, and taking Luke to the places we've been meaning to all summer.

Exhaustion has taken over most of motivation in the last weeks, with my closest thought being how many hours I have to get through before I can go back to bed. I haven't been cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or keeping Luke adequately entertained. While most of this is to blame on the Lunesta effect of pregnancy, I'm getting fed up with my lack of enthusiasm and want to do better. With Mark starting work as an attorney, me juggling staying home with Luke, working evenings, and carrying another baby, I've got to get it together.

My plan of attack revolves around goals, these are a few I came up with tonight. Sticking to them will be tough, but routine is my friend and I'm ready for a reunion.

1. Plan lunches and dinners two weeks in advance based on coupon sales and seasonal produce.

2. Go grocery shopping before working all weekend wipes my butt.

3. Get up! Get up! Get up! Don't wait to make coffee until 9:00am, make it at 7:00 when I wake up. Eat breakfast and get dressed early!

4. Do laundry everyday. Whether it be an actual load or just putting away a basket of clean clothes, do it everyday.

5. Read more to Luke, take Luke to storytime, develop a reading routine Luke looks forward to.

6. Nap when Luke naps.

I start tomorrow.

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