Monday, August 25, 2008

Back for Good

A, over a month since I've posted! It's both amazing and pathetic how I can't live without the computer during the winter months, but as soon as summer hits I'll go days without even checking my email. This summer proves even more unconventional with Mark around studying or job hunting.

Life is about to change for us drastically as Mark begins his first job as an attorney, we house hunt, and anxiously await our second baby due the end of March.

Not the most important, but weighing most heavily on my mind is the house hunting. Basically, I'm not cut out for it. I'm full of opinions, preferences, and full capability to make important decisions, however, I find the speed at which something so large and expensive can be purchased utterly daunting. I like to process my decisions, discuss pros and cons,pray a little, wait a little, and then just get a general feeling about the direction to go next. Home buying, unfortunately, meets none of my decision-making skills.

As adults, we are expected not to buy on impulse, to go the grocery store on a full stomach, only to purchase sale items, and to deliberate heavily between wants and needs. These mature criteria are thrown out the window for home buying, with the accustomed motto being "get it before it's gone," because, it will be gone if you don't get it!

When we do get a house, it will be bought on impulse and adrenaline; the chase that we win. Only after we're plopped on the couch in our new living room will I realize the full extent of what we've done. Let's hope Mark is little more confident than me!

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