Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Bee

I've been more worked up than usual lately. Mark's Bar Exam begins in only a week, and while I thought things would slow down by now, they're only picking up.

I've been working more, am attempting to throw a party for Mark, arrange a garage sale and plan a trip all while making sure Luke doesn't fall in the pool in the front yard. However, if you are wired the same way I am, I prove more efficient the more I have going on. This might be due to the "daily planner syndrome" which plagues me every so often. As a time-obsessed, order and routine-loving girl, if I have enough going on (which I usually do...) I write an agenda for every day and plan my days in advance. I get some sick high off of crossing items off my list and moving at a lightening pace. In contrast with the upcoming month, this last month was actually been pretty slow. Luke and I played, spent time outside, and I spent endless hours reading instead of taking care of business.

It's now caught up with me and I'm in full swing again trying again to keep on top of things. As I'm getting more focused I've looked into a few money saving and organizational tools that I soon hope to implement into our household. They all take a lot of time, effort, and planning, but the eventual savings in time and money soon add up.

Here's a portion of the research I've been doing lately concerning shopping for household items, groceries, and coupon clipping...


And my new personal favorite:

What I love about moneysavingmom.com is the concept of shopping at drug stores for household items for much less than at large chain stores like Wal-Mart. I'm just getting started with this whole idea as there is a ton to learn and much planning to be completed before you can see results.


Anonymous said...

I recommend you try www.afullcup.com

Mallory said...

Thanks. I looked over the site and the only thing to keep in mind is that some places don't accept printed off coupons. A lot of stores in the area I'm in don't, but the site still looks great and I'm anxious to check out a little more.