Monday, May 19, 2008

Healthy Living: Update

Awhile ago I posted about healthy living/eating. We've had successes and a few failures, but here's how we've come along.

Since Easter we've been eating steel-cut oatmeal with ground flax seed every morning. Out of the many brands we've tried, we've preferred the locally-grown from our co-op. These taste much more "from the earth" whether it's due to the lack of processing or packaging I don't know, they cook longer and taste "healthier."

Our dinners are generally healthy with our staples being boneless, skinless chicken breasts, salmon and tilapia, paired with brown rice, and dark greens. To make these dinners healthier I've tried locally grown brown rice and have experimented with more uncommon grains such as barley and millet. The difference in taste with the locally grown food is amazing.

We fall very short in a few categories. With all of our driving and travel we've been eating too much fast food, drinking too much coffee/diet coke, and are up too late eating ridiculously buttery popcorn. There is definite room for improvement, and I'm hoping this summer to meet new goals in healthy living. We're looking forward to the weather improving and plenty of outdoor exercise and time on the lake.

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