Saturday, May 31, 2008


Around 15-months of age Luke became attached to a certain green silky blanket. Without any prompting or routine he began to carry this blanket with him everywhere. It's gone on road trips, attends Mass, restaurants, and has a continual morning breath smell from being sucked on all night in the crib.

Because he couldn't spare the two hours a day it needed to be washed, his grandmother found an (almost) identical blanket in blue so that I could "tag team" the blankets and get them washed without tantrums or nap strikes. This system works, as long as I can keep track of both.

Both blankets are MIA. Two nights ago the blankets went missing. This is a disaster. Both Mark and I became super-sleuths as we searched the entire house for the missing blankets. We searched every cupboard and closet, looked under beds, inside baskets, the fireplace, washing machine, fridge, in the cars, outside...EVERYWHERE! After an hour of fighting bedtime without his blanket, Mark grabbed a silky pillow case and threw it in the crib. That worked.

Yesterday, sometime between nap and bedtime, the pillow case went missing. The same routine followed last night racking our creativity searching for the missing blankets and pillowcase. I crawled around the house trying to gain a toddler's perspective and came up short, they can't be found. Luke was up until 10pm while I was digging though linens trying to find a blankey replacement. We are out of blankets and out of pillowcases.

Last night Luke went to bed with a silky pair of Minnesota Vikings pajama pants.


Anonymous said...

Mal this is too funny!!! I have silk sheets in my cupboard upstairs. I would have loved to have been there. I am missing you guys so much. Mom xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud!

I feel your pain. Ole Bear has an "identical twin cousin" (Sven Bear, of course)who we keep safely hidden in my closet. We've had to break him out a few times though.

I love that you referred to you and Mark as Super-Sleuths, we have to get together with the babies and watch some Playhouse Disney together!!