Saturday, May 31, 2008

Disaster: Round Two

Since we are living at Mark's parent's home all of our belongings are scattered in family members' basements and pole barns. One basement flooded yesterday. Fortunately, the majority of our things were spared. Unfortunately, our mattresses very wet. We tried the best we could, and only time will tell if they are wrecked from mold.

Blankets are still MIA. Luke is still sleeping with my pants. It's a little awkward.

Good News: I have a new bike! I got my last bike for my 10th birthday, so it was long overdue. We've attached the bike to a bike trailer and Mark and I have been out nearly everyday with Luke in tow. When the weather is good we live in such a gorgeous area. In addition to biking around lakes and trails, we have this only minutes away.

Hello Summer!

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