Monday, September 23, 2013


I was taking pictures of my 4.5 year old, Paul, the other day, and thinking, "Wow, he's really cute. I can't believe how darling he looks!

Can you believe my strapping, handsome young fellow, who was nearly born on the side of road, went from this...
(Paul at 3 months old)

To this...
Paul at 4.5 

Paul's first several years were a challenge, but when he turned four, there was a noticeable change. He learned to talk well and express himself in words before his emotions got away with him. He developed a sensitivity towards others that made him a magnet for other children and making friendships. In the middle of two very concrete and literal boys, Paul is able to teach these boys to play, actually play. A toy which seemed useless suddenly becomes essential once Paul puts a name and a purpose to it. It's a skill, indeed. 

He's as unrecognizable in photos as he is in temperament. 
(Paul at 8.5 months old)

Paul has my heart in a very specific way. It might be because he loves me a lot, or that we're both "middle children." This picture of him falling asleep reading National Geographic with a kickball might explain things, too.

 I try not to project how each of the children will be or what they'll do. I pray they do what God asks of them. But with Paul I have a distinct feeling about him being a natural leader. It's a tall order for our smallest child, but it's been a pleasure to watch his transformation. 


Erin said...

Love how that second picture in the football shirt lines up perfectly with your little profile picture and he looks just like you!

Erin said...

AND, I loved re-reading Paul's birth story. Birth stories are the highlight of Mommy Blogs!