Wednesday, September 11, 2013

i dont do

Let's all clear the air here (in case you didn't already know), that this Mama is not crafty.

In fact, there was a point last year when I threw every last marker in our house away. BANNED! Forever! Paint, clay, and all the rest, you ask?  I laugh. You think I'd let that in my house? The last stash of play-doh the boys got in their Christmas stocking was probably all thrown in the trash by New Year's.

I'm really mean like that. I'm so not even joking.

I have this friend in real life who is ALSO a blog stalker. This is a big deal. She goes by "Karen" on the blog. I'll leave her real identity a secret. She has markers at her house. And pant. And glitter. 


Because she knows how deprived my children are, she generously is sharing her craft plans with me. Baby-crafter over here literally needs someone to photo copy craft plans, arrange the plans and supplies in separate folders, and then hand deliver them to my door. Karen is sweet. She is also a craft enabler.

On Monday the older boys did a craft. Sunday was the Roman Catholic church's celebration of the Virgin Mary's birthday. We made birthday cards for Mary and put them on the mantle.

Because I had a total breakdown on Labor Day and went to the store and bought all the necessary school supplies to put our boys in the public school, I accidentally had markers in the house. They were surprisingly useful.
All jesting aside, it turned out to be a beautiful activity. It was only coloring, cutting and gluing, but a step in the right direction. Pipe cleaners next week? One can hope.


Sarah said...

Bahahaha! I too have banned such things in my home . . . well, okay, they are hidden away for "special" occasions! Sanity or fun . . . guess it depends on the day ; )

Theresa said...

That's not true. You sew and cook and knit AND crochet. You are crafty. You just like to be controlled in your need patterns and directions and recipes and strategy. Right? I'm like that. I have loads of craft supplies but cringe about bringing them all out. I like control. Chaos drives me crazy. Funny though, my life IS chaotic. Hmmm......

Lisa said...

Oh, I hear you. I've hidden all the crayons and am thinking of bringing them back out in maybe 10 or 15 years. I'm happy with the Crayola Color Wonder markers/ paper though- no mess! (although you have to keep buying the special paper)

Mallory said...

Theresa, you're right. Although I'm really not very skilled at any of the above mentioned things. I thought about what you wrote, because I *DO* enjoy doing some crafty things, but if I really wanted to examine it honestly, I don't like doing those things with the kids. YIKES! I like to crochet, knit, etc., as a hobby of MINE--to unwind and keep my hands busy as a relaxing thing to do for myself. Crafting things aren't really what I enjoy doing with the kids. Oh boy, now I really feel like a terrible mother.

Anonymous said...

They look great boys! Mallory, you are a crafty lady! Just think, next month we're making Rosaries!!! I'm in the process of sifting through "Blaire's" beads to find Captain America and Hulk colors.