Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Homeschool History.

We learned about nomads today. 

The boys are outside collecting sticks for spears, and digging up tree roots to store for the winter. 

Their clothes are covered in burs from the woods, which they are throwing at squirrels trying to capture to put into their nomad stew. 

This is what learning through play look like. I love every minute of it. 


Lorrene said...

Sounds so very similar to my house! Mine have arrow heads attached to spears, want to learn to start fires with a fire bow (Dad is also in on this endeavor), currently there is a tipi being constructed in the backyard and they love to collect sumac fruit to make stew or dye. Good times!


Mallory said...

Yes, Lorrene! My oldest has a pocket knife that he uses to carve branches and such, but beyond that, they're basically left to their imagination. I love how imaginative your kiddos are, too. Plus, you have such a great knowledge of nature and wildlife, that the kids will grow up learning so much!