Monday, July 30, 2012


We went out of town for the weekend to have a little family fun.

Our kids aren't short of fun, not by any means. They play almost everyday with friends, cousins, and family. They swim, go to the park, and get to go out for ice cream and attend barbecues. Indeed, it has been quite a fun summer.

However, it's been a busy summer, too. Mark has been gone a lot, and when he's home he's busy still with work, and when he's not doing that there's the yard to mow, and a large property to maintain. It's a common story, but we really needed a day or two with just us and the kids, to get away from all the things that need to be done, and just enjoy our family life this summer, if only for the weekend.

We drove "The Cities," which is commonly known for those not living in the metro of MN as Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. While everyone from "The Cities" drives "Up North," to Vacationland, where WE live, we "drove down to the cities," to enjoy some of the urban comforts we don't have here. On our agenda was a day at the zoo, which included carnival rides, and a stay at a hotel with a waterpark, and lots of yummy food.

 The bison smell, and they are huge!
 Michael loved his first zoo trip! He kept pointing and "telling" us all about what he saw. Here he is with a lion.

 Paulie on a carnival ride. 
 The spinning tea cups made the kids a little sick. Being pregnant, I had a surefire excuse to get out of spinning rides. 

The boys were wonderful. We asked a lot of them--a lot of walking on a hot day, patience and manners at restaurants, and the need to keep close to us at all times, which they aren't used to in our small town. We all shared a hotel room, the kids swam, and it was wonderful.


Erin said...

If I wasn't lucky enough to see you and your bump several times a week, I wouldn't be pleased with that last picture, bump hider!

Mallory said...

Hee hee ;-) . The funny thing is, that I realized how intentionally I was doing it as the picture was taken.

Let's not show the world how Mallory explodes the second half of the pregnancy ;-) .

Abby said...

Aha! That was my first thought at the sight of your picture. Bashful of the belly?! Happy summer, Seversons!!! :)