Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beast Within.

It's not very often I meet a mom who has kids that are like mine. There is nothing wrong with my boys, and they do try within their capabilities to behave, but they have a certain quality that sets them apart from a lot of other children.

Maybe it's because they're boys, or because they're mine, but seriously folks, they go in and out of stages where they are totally, and uncontrollably BUSY.

Remember this little guy? My sweet, most wonderful baby in the whole wide world? The boy stole my heart after I thought it had been wrapped up with the likes of the first two boys. This baby would put himself to sleep by bouncing in the bouncer, or sucking his thumb while laying down. MichaelANGELO, my angel baby.
Well friends, times have changed. He's still super cute, and we all just love him to pieces, but don't let that grin fool you. He's a terror of a toddler.

I've got him figured out pretty well. First off, he's a lot like my first son. He won't play with toys, and chooses instead to make it his mission in life to find any piece of electronic equipment he can get his hands on and press buttons until Kingdom Come. The remotes, phone, cell phone, computer keyboard, baby monitor, have no chance against his fingers, and by the time I can pry them out of his hands, are usually covered in dry applesauce or drool.
If I can get anything out of his hands, I'm lucky. What really gets us in trouble is when he flushes what he finds down the toilet. Honestly, we haven't had a free-flushing toilet in this house since the boy started to walk three months ago.

Yes, he keeps us on our toes. He is always a step behind us as we go along our daily life. If I'm emptying the dishwasher, he's throwing knives in the plastic bowl drawer. When I'm sorting laundry, he's throwing clothes out of the basket. When I sweep, he is scattering my dirt pile with the dustpan. The mimicry and messes are all part of how is he learning, but oh my, it is exhausting.

After several summer parties that were spent with either Mark or I chasing him before he ran off a dock into the water, or falling into a fire pit, I've quietly resigned that at this point, we're getting a babysitter for the baby, or I'd rather not go. The last time I made that resolution was with our first child, who was just as fearless of a toddler, and very difficult to keep track of. My toddler boys in a crowd are honestly a danger to themselves!

There are seasons for everything, and Michael won't be 15 months old forever. At this time he is a challenge, and by the next season, there will be a new obstacle to face, although I am hoping it doesn't include having to fish through the trash for bills that were thrown out by the toddler. We'll take them the way they are, and pray they stay safe and we stay sane as we care for these little ones who make us laugh with their delight, but worried sick with their every move.


Abby said...

Ah!! So I guess misery loves company because I am totally relieved by this post! Isaac is a terror on two feet; despite being an absolute sweetheart when he is properly fed and well-rested, the boy can be a straight-up nightmare. I keep reminding myself "He is 2 years old. He is 2 years old!!" and that this, too, shall pass. Yikes. Bless your heart. I send you high-fives of serious camaraderie!! <3

Erin said...

Everyone talks about the terrible two's, I knew they were coming, but I wasn't prepared, either time! Every kid is a new curve ball. Your Michael is starting at 15 months, Claire started not long after that. Belle on the other hand wasn't even walking at that point! She's making up all lost time now, as her third birthday rapidly approaches! Her quirks and misbehaviors are opposite of every problem I ever had with Claire. I sometimes feel like she's my first "two" and that I have no prior experience.

Mallory said...

Abby, I understand you all too well! I remember with Luke being so confused when so many moms could hold their child's hand in a parking lot, but mine would always be running away from me. He was always so good at home, and really not a "behavior" problem, but it was still so, so hard to take him anywhere! Yeah..that lasted until a bit after three. Hang in there!!!

Paul is more of a snuggler, so I got a little break there, but I'm gearing up for another year and a half or more of toddlers-gone-wild around here!!

Erin, your babies are just too easy ;-) , and then they have to make up for it until they're four! Have a "Mallory Baby," and be up with your 13 month old eight times a night, and then by two they'll be a breeze! ;-) .

Abby said...

Did you happen to see me in line at an Andover Subway holding said 2 y/o as he squirmed, flailed, whined, and performed various acts of gymnastics as I contained him? I didn't even mention this (common) episode, but you seem to know exactly what I am speaking of. Huh. I guess you get it. :)

p.s. I loved the looks of the employees and other patrons as I paid. "Wow. He's BUSY!!!" Yup. Keeps life crazy!!