Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Mouths of Babes.

My three-year old is the easiest of the children to bring to Mass. He can keep him endlessly occupied wrapped up in his imagination. He's not necessarily paying attention to what is going on, but he isn't bouncing off the walls, and for this I'm thankful.

Over the summer though, he's been more difficult. He is starting to notice more, and gets very upset during Communion when he only gets a blessing instead of being able to receive. Last week he actually had to be carried out and disciplined because he was crying so hard in the Communion line.

He gets carried out by dad, arms and legs flailing while yelling, "I want one of God's cookies! I want God's cookies!"

It's pretty naughty, I know.  But isn't it sorta sweet, too?


KK said...

Oh my goodness!! That's so funny!

Abby said...

God's cookies! Hahahahahaha!!!!! :)