Thursday, June 30, 2011

Out...and About.

Just wanted to write a quick update to tell everyone that we're sticky, hot and humid, with our hair fizzing into curls!

After a short weekend back home and a quick week up here, we're gearing up for another long weekend for the 4th back home. Between washing laundry and taking care of the quick tasks here, it doesn't leave much time for this good old blog.

Not that there aren't a million things to blog about, I mean, we just had a big birthday party, our two year old is JUMPING all around the house, the baby is getting SO chubby and cute, and we have the 4th of July to look forward to. (Did I really just end a sentence in a preposition? Don't judge, I'm tired.)  For those of my readers who are not from MN, I will try to post some pictures of the gorgeous sites where we'll be spending our time.

Throw in a carefully-planned coffee date with my be-all-end-all best-buddy, and new baby introductions to our visiting family members, and our impending summer days are stuffed with fun.


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