Monday, June 6, 2011

Boys and Food.

A few sayings overheard this weekend.

From a newly-turned two-year old, just learning to talk: "More cracker and hummus, please."

From Daddy to the newly-turned two-year old: "Okay Buddy, is the food in your mouth gone? Okay, now take another bite. We have to teach you how to eat so you don't have to spit out all of your food."

From Mom to the soon-to-be five year old: "Please don't kiss the baby when I'm trying to nurse."

The almost five: "Can I have more chicken, please?" Mom: "It's fish." Him: "Yeah, fish is my favorite chicken."

The five: "Is it time for a protein shake?" Two: "Protein shake?"


Erin said...

Oh Luke, you make me laugh with your fish chicken!

Here's one from your friend Claire:

"Of course I drink coffee, just not the brown kind."

Mallory said...

I knew of a kid once who called the coffee "Similac," because it looked like baby formula!

What kind of coffee does Claire drink then? Paul once screamed for "Chocolate Bunnies" all afternoon until I figured out that he wanted Nesquik...