Friday, June 10, 2011


Monday marks a big day in our household. I'll be dropping Luke off at church every morning and then picking him up after lunch for Vacation Bible School. It goes all week.

A big deal? YES.

It's uncommon that I'm away from the children for any amount of time. If I am, it's usually for a grocery run, or a rare weekend lunch with friends. If we ever leave the kids they are almost exclusively left with a close relative. This time I'll be leaving Luke with strangers all morning--for five days in a row! Maybe it's more of a milestone for me than for him?

Luke is supremely excited, and I'm confident that leaving him in a classroom full of unfamiliar faces won't daunt him a bit. He's just that kind of kid, which is nice, but a little heartbreaking for me as I await my hugs and kisses goodbye only to see that he's made two new friends and has engaged them in an game all in the span of 45 seconds.

Yes, he's getting big. Our conversations are slowly shifting to the serious business of loose-teeth, pants with zippers and buttons, and learning how to wash hair in the shower.

How'd we get here? It's amazing to think, as I nurse and rock and coo my two-month old, that I did the very same things with my VERY soon to be five year old. The transition from burp cloths to Buzz Lightyear did go fast.

I had Luke only a few months after turning 22, and Mark and I were sharing with him last night how when he's a teenager that he'd have parents younger than many of his friends. Mark was trying to get Luke excited about this fact and told him how cool and hip his parents would be, you know, being in their forties and all.

Luke, looking confused  shared, "But Dad, parents can't be cool."

And then we wondered if it was him or us that had grown up too quickly.

Regardless, here and now is a wonderful place to be.


Sarah said...

Um . . . this is making me a bit teary eyed because our little man is just a few months younger than your Luke . . . I know how you feel.

Erin said...

I am happy to see we aren't the only ones who have been selling the "cool, young parents" bit to our kid. However, I'm pretty sure the more we tell them how cool we are the more un-cool we become! Rats.

Mallory said...

Erin, we'll be cool together :-). We'll be the laughing stock of the boy-girl trifecta ;-) .

And yes, all of our littles are getting big! It's kinda fun, and a little sad seeing all of their "babyness" fade away. There is a huge part of me that is excited to for the next few years to see exactly how their personalities will gel once they're school-aged. It will be like getting to know them all over again!

Anonymous said...

oh, so precious....well don't forget the cool grandparents you will be in your late 40's too:) These little stories really make it tough having you up north and not back you guys. Oh yea, remind Mark that he was in the same situation...does he think his parents are cool? Rest my case:) Mimi S.