Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hoe is the resident scape-goat in our family. A mouth-retracting T-Rex affectionately named "Hoe" by Luke, Hoe has been a bad influencer from the start. After a naughty word, we'll ask Luke were he heard such a word, "Hoe said it," he'll answer. When asking why Luke pushed his baby brother, he'll reply, "Hoe did it."

Hoe's one terrible T-Rex.

Last night Mark wasn't home for dinner, which means Luke gets to decide what we'll eat. His choice, Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Kinda gross, but one of his favorites, and I'm willing to give consolations when he doesn't get to see daddy at dinner.

"Mom," Luke asked, "Can Hoe eat your Shells and Cheese?"

"No, Luke, he may not," I answered.

"Well, Hoe is NOT a carnivore," Luke replied.

"Yes, he is, Luke. He's a T-Rex and he eats meat."

"He IS a T-Rex, but he's not a carnivore, he's a Velveeta Shells and Cheesiore."

How can I compete with this?


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha...he is not only the funniest grandson, but the smartest!! I could hear him say every word as I read it. Gotta give it to "Hoe"...he has brought all of us much humor since day one.

Mallory said...

Ha ha! Hoe is the best, isn't he?

Um, and that's your bowl. Sorry :( We'll bring it back!!

Kendall said...

Luke is looking at this with me and thinks that it is really funny!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to borrow Claire's "It was you, Blue Kangaroo" book...

Theresa said...

the last comment is weird. i guess people get desperate...

just wanted to comment on how much luke looks like mark in this picture. i can totally see a kid marky in that face! steve would laugh...he would laugh a lot at this.

Mallory said...

I deleted it, Theresa, thanks!

Isn't Luke a goof? As he gets older his expressions and silliness really do remind me of Mark.

I think Steve would laugh, too :)