Monday, December 14, 2009


I haven't even started Christmas shopping. I can't cross a single person, including my own children, off of my Christmas shopping list.

You might be thinking, "Oh, Hesitant Homemaker, surely since you only work outside the home maybe 16 hours a month you must have all the time in the world to shop!"

Not so fast!

I suppose that I could go shopping in the middle of the week, kids in tow, when the stores aren't nearly as busy as the weekends, I just have no desire to. It's not that I think I can't or that the kids are too crazy or that I'm a procrastinator. None of those things.

There's just something about the fun of shopping that has fizzled out over the years. Could it be that I don't like to shop? That seems almost wrong to even write about! I like clothes, and I used to like to shop for clothes, but as time goes by I've come to buy my clothes exclusively online. Last Christmas we bought every last gift online--with free shipping.

This year we redeemed some of our credit card points for specialty gift cards. Being that we live in the middle of nowhere, we'll have to take a day to travel to make sure the boys are covered for Christmas. We'll be cutting it a little close and are hoping that Toys-R-Us stocks Gordon the Useful Engine and a Parasoralophus, but I'm trying not to stress about it.

What a funny concept that as children we counted down the days until Christmas! We were just joking yesterday how we wished Advent were six weeks long!

***UPDATE*** I am thankful for Nanny, who loves to shop, and on the day I loathe about having to shop, I get a get a package full of beautiful Christmas clothes for my boys. They'll be well-dressed on Christmas :)

Are you ready for Christmas?

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Anonymous said...

The Smith's are in the same boat! I like your idea of 6 weeks of Advent. My own solution was that we eliminate Halloween, move Thanksgiving to the end of October, and have an extra month to plan Christmas things!