Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All The Live Long Day!

It certainly feels like I'm running a train station!

This weekend we chopped down a Christmas tree that would make Clark Griswold proud. And, while I wish I could say I was filled with Christmas cheer, the fun of decorating our tree and making our house bright and merry has totally overwhelmed me this year.

Sometimes your plate just gets too full!

Trying to get to the bottom of his digestive issues, PJ had to be brought in twice for blood work over the weekend. Today I had to take him in for a barium enema. There's nothing like two nurses holding down your screaming eight month old to rack your nerves. To top it off, PJ has a nasty chest cold, which has congested him so badly that he can't sleep in his crib. For the last two days (and nights) he's been upright in our arms, miserable from all his boogers.

When it rains, it pours, and our perfect darling, Luke, has been a three year old terror to boot! The wrath of three comes in waves, I think, and just when I think I have the most mild-mannered, loving and well-disciplined boy in the land, I have a day that proves quite to the contrary. At least the cat still has his tail...

I'm tired and cranky and can't seem to get it together this week long enough to make a decent dinner for my family or run a load of laundry so we can wear socks with our winter boots.

Have I mentioned that I feel the beginnings of mastitis coming on?

Oh boy.

I'm going to take a deep breath, make some hot tea, put on the Vienna Boys Choir and then, realistically, try to get some stuff done...all with baby in tow and the three year old begging for another candy cane off of the tree.

I know I have some chocolate around here somewhere...


hesitantbreadwinner said...

the tater-tots and nuggets were amazing!

Anonymous said...

Mal...you know I am here, just a phone call away...and I will bring you coffee AND chocolate!! Yes, I also have my new "baby", but I can leave him for a little bit...Love you, Mom S.

Mallory said...

Thanks :) .
We're okay, I'm just getting really tired!

I talked to Kristin yesterday and she told straight-forwardly that when the kids are sick, nothing gets done! So true!

Luke is back on track again, and I'm just keeping PJ dosed up so he can at least take a nap. We'll make it, it's just a hard week!

I'll let you know if we need anything. Maybe we'll come and visit your new baby ;) .

Anonymous said...

Hang in there...and there is nothing wrong with giving candy cane after candy cane ;) my 3 year old is going through her lovely crazy phase and when she is good i just really revel in it...and enjoy every moment. kristin said that nothing gets done when the kids are sick..whats my excuse for when they are healthy and still nothing gets done ;)

hope your weekend is blessed and that you guys enjoy the cozy time that comes with being inside b/c of cold weather outside! we can't wait to come. hannah is sick on the couch and she just announced "10 DAYS TIL MINNESOTA" so we are on a countdown until we can see you guys again!

Have a wonderful day!!